The Law and Economics of State Aid



  1. 21.02.2025 13:30
  2. 28.02.2025 13:30
  3. 07.03.2025 13:30
  4. 14.03.2025 00:00

This module will cover in particular the following topics

  1. Brief historical and economic background
  2. The notion of State aid: legal concept v. economic theory
  3. State aid administrative procedure (European Commission procedure)
  4. Judicial review (EU and national courts)
  5. Compatibility assessment of State aid: the central role of economic theory – the balancing test
    Compatibility assessment of State aid: focus on rescue and restructuring aid (including financial crisis measures), Covid-19 crisis and its phasing out, Ukraine Temporary Crisis Framework, regional aid and climate, energy and environmental aid

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