General Introduction to Competition Law and Economics



  1. 20.09.2024 13:30
  2. 27.09.2024 13:30
  3. 04.10.2024 13:30

This module will cover in particular the following topics

  1. Practical importance of competition law
  2. Macro and micro economic effects of competition policy
  3. Perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly (Cournot and Bertrand)
  4. The relevant market, market definition, the hypothetical monopolist test
  5. Market power (incl. measurement techniques), market concentration, barriers to entry/expansion
  6. The cellophane fallacy and other common fallacies
  7. Overview of the competition rules and their history
  8. The German ordo-liberal school
  9. The market integration ethos
  10. Institutions, enforcement and procedures
  11. Relationship between EU and national competition law
  12. Effect on trade between Member States
  13. The concept of undertaking
  14. Extraterritorial application of EU competition law and the effects doctrine
  15. Case studies

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Brussels School of Competition