The Law and Economics of Merger Control



  1. 06.12.2024 13:30
  2. 13.12.2024 13:30
  3. 20.12.2024 13:30

This module will cover in particular the following topics

  1. Adoption of the EUMR
  2. Application of the EUMR
  3. Pillars of EU merger control
  4. Comparison with U.S. merger control law
  5. Evolution of EU merger control
  6. Notion of concentration
  7. EUMR jurisdiction and division of powers with Member States
  8. Market definition under the EUMR
  9. SIEC test and the economic fundamentals of merger control
  10. Horizontal mergers
  11. Vertical mergers
  12. Conglomerate mergers
  13. Failing firm
  14. Efficiencies
  15. Evidentiary principles, standard of proof, checks and balances
  16. Types of evidence: merging parties’ documents, witness
    statements, consumer surveys, quantitative evidence, etc.
  17. Remedies: divestitures, severance of links with rivals, other remedies
  18. Judicial review, damages, expedited procedure,
    appeals to EU Courts

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