1. 26.02.2021 09:30


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a world-changing technology. It goes without saying that it is one of the greatest and most innovative opportunities of our time. On the other hand we face the terrifying reality of cyber criminals. Computer and network intrusions have held ransom, interrupted or even shut down airports, hospitals, people’s businesses, etc. around the globe. Each advance that is made in cybersecurity, is counterbalanced by an equal or even greater advance made by malicious hackers. Cyber Security is therefore, without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges of our generation.
When it comes to cybersecurity, experts often describe AI as a ‘dual use technology’: on the one hand AI may be one of the key solutions to address cyber risks in the digital world in a more efficient way. On the other hand AI has the potential to increase the influence of the digital risks on the physical world.
During this session we will address both the legal and the technical aspects of cybersecurity in the context of AI, such as network and information security requirements and legislation, product liability and data protection.

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