Dr. Ashwin Ittoo

  • Professor at HEC Liège, University of Liège (Belgium)
  • Research associate at the School of Information Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Associate Editor, Elsevier/Computers in Industy.

At ULiège, he supervises several PhD researchers, working on Machine/Deep Learning algorithms for finance, medicine, business engineering and event extraction from text.

He recently was awarded a prestigious grants with colleagues from the legal field to study the algorithmic aspects of algorithmic collusion.

Prof. Ittoo maintains close ties with several industrial partners in the country by providing consultancy services and collaborating on large-scaled projects. He also has worked on projects for the European Commission. Specifically, he develop a system for analyzing legal texts for the DG FISMA and participated in a survey, commission by DG JUSTICE, on the use of innovative technologies in the legal field.

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