First Dive in Law & AI



  1. 29.11.2024 09:30


  1. First Dive into AI Science
  2. How to characterize AI: Edge between Science and engineering of making machines
  3. What is Machine intelligence via learning
  4. What is Supervised Learning
  5. How does Artificial Neural Networks work
  6. How do you process Deep Learning
  7. What are the different uses with Big Data
  8. Do you know Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  9. Antitrust Cases in AI Science
  10. The role of Unsupervised Learning in Antitrust Cases
  11. What are the regulatory issues for cognitive technology and AI
  12. General legal options in relation to AI
  13. AI technology introduction in the Public Sector
  14. What is good Public Administration
  15. How does AI intervene in Public Administration efficiency

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