Ruben Roex performs privacy and data protection (GDPR) compliance audits for SMEs, multinationals and public sector organizations and assists clients with implementing data protection requirements in day to day activities, processes and systems. He advises clients regularly on complex issues regarding data protection law, often at the crossroads of other domains such as eHealth and Human Resources. He drafts information notices for virtually any target audience and is very well acquainted with data processing, data exchange and data sharing agreements. Ruben is well versed in data transfer matters. He also assists clients with the data protection aspects of mergers and acquisitions. He gives trainings and lectures on privacy and data protection topics and developments to company lawyers, fellow attorneys, data protection officers, students and other interested parties.

He is also experienced in all matters relating to cybersecurity and cybercrime. He advises clients on legal aspects of information security, defends clients’ interests before the courts in cybercrime related cases and regularly provides trainings on topics related to cybersecurity and cybercrime. Ruben assists clients with setting up data breach management procedures, notification procedures and processes and contingency strategies.

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