Competition Law and the Regulation of Network Industries



  1. 12.04.2024 13:30
  2. 19.04.2024 13:30
  3. 26.04.2024 13:30

This module will cover in particular the following topics

  1. Regulation and regulatory theory: Why regulation (legal, political and economic reasons)?
  2. Market opening reforms and basic components of regulation: EU liberalisation policy
  3. Institutions of regulation (Commission, national regulatory agencies)
  4. Energy regulation (gas and electricity)
  5. Electronic communications regulation
  6. Price regulation
  7. Access price regulation, vertical separation and investment
  8. Universal service and Internet neutrality
  9. Application of competition policy to electronic communications markets: margin squeeze, cartels, mergers
  10. Application of competition law to energy markets: abuse, agreements, mergers
  11. Relationship between competition law and regulation
  12. Case studies

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