Coding for Lawyers I



  1. 24.03.2023 09:30


Toon Calders

In 2 lectures we introduce the basics of programming, using the computer language Python. While a 2-day lecture will not make you a professional programmer, it will allow you to understand the main concepts and get a feeling of the capabilities and limitations of software. After the lectures you will be able to build simple programs in the programming language Python.

During the first lecture you will learn the basic principles of coding :

  • Sequence of instructions
  • Loops and repetitions
  • Conditional execution
  • Variables

You will learn these constructions while step by step implementing an algorithm to escape from any maze.

In the second lecture you will further practice coding:

  • Exercises on writing small programs
  • Functions as a tool for abstraction
  • Manually build a classification system

The lecture will be wrapped up by connecting the new insights you gained into programming and with AI applications such as  text classification.

In partnership with

Brussels School of Competition