Patricia Cappuyns has 20 years of experience in intellectual property litigation and advisory work in a wide range of technologies, including life sciences, construction, the chemical industry, telecommunications and mechanical engineering. She has argued many IP cases before the Belgian courts and has represented clients in several investigations by the European Commissions at the interface of patent and competition law.

For 7 years, Patricia taught Patent Law as an Associate Professor in the framework of the LL.M. program in IP and Competition Law at the University of Liège. Starting this academic year, she will teach the Intellectual Property Law course at the Vesalius College in Brussels. Patricia will also be teaching again at the Brussels School of Competition this academic year.

Patricia is a regular author of legal articles and is a sought-after speaker on patent-related topics at conferences organised by LES, AIPPI, EPLAW and ERA. She holds a law degree from the University of Leuven (1999), a Diploma in Legal Studies from King’s College London (1998) and an LL.M. from New York University (2000). She is a member of the Bar of Oudenaarde, Belgium and a member of the New York Bar.

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