Laurens Naudts is a postdoctoral researcher at the AI, Media and Democracy Lab and Institute for Information Law. In his research, Laurens explores the political philosophy, ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence and automation. His doctoral research focused on the concepts of equality and non-discrimination and their interpretative function in identifying and articulating the conditions under which automated decision-making technologies give rise to (structural) injustice. In his current work, Laurens investigates the social and relational dynamics that constitute a digitally mediated society, including positions of power and privilege and acts and structures of oppression and domination.

Prior to joining the lab, Laurens was a doctoral researcher at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law. He is an affiliate of the KU Leuven Working Group on Philosophy of Technology and a former research fellow at the Berlin Weizenbaum Institute. In 2014, Laurens also worked as a researcher at the European University Institute (Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom) where he performed scientific research for the project “Strengthening Journalism in Europe: Tools, Networking, Training

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