Jelle Hoedemaekers is a Belgian expert in the field of digital policy, with a specific focus on artificial intelligence (AI), data, and cloud computing. He currently works as an Expert Digital at Agoria, the industry federation for the Belgian technology industry, where he is responsible for ensuring that actions at EU, federal, and regional levels suit the needs of Agoria members. Jelle works on policy topics related to AI regulation, data strategy, and standardization and regulation. Jelle is also the Coordinator of the Belgian Gaia-X Hub, a European association that aims to create a new federated data infrastructure, and is actively involved in multiple initiatives around European Data Spaces.

Jelle has a background in engineering, with a Master’s degree in Electromechanics from the University of Leuven. He also holds a Master’s degree in Management from the same university, where he learned quantitative methods for a scientific approach to management.

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