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Friday 23 October 2020


FEB, rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Brussels

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Participation fees:

€250, excluding VAT (21%) per session


Ms Huyen Vo
+32 (2) 515 09 83


During this course, we will study:

  1. Existing cognitive and AI legal technologies and associated legal services (e.g. e-discovery, online
    legal services, legal research, practice management software, intellectual property services,
    artificial intelligence legal tech, lawyers search, etc.).
  2. Overview of the future of markets for legal services, including legal start-ups, legal data science
    and software providers, legal engineering services, etc.
  3. Technology constraints created by law societies, bar associations, etc.

Demo of AI legal products will be presented.


Nico Del Rio Garcia

Co-founder, Knowlex

Tomas van der Heijden

VP, Product & Legal Ross Intelligence

Louis-Dorsan Jolly

Legal Engineer, LeyQi

Maurits Westerik

Lawyer, Coupry


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